Buyer's Guide

How to Pick and Purchase

If you are new in the world of hair extensions, here are some things you usually might have to keep in mind; right texture, perfect colour, weight and much more. HairOriginals has solved all these with exclusively designed hair extensions keeping in mind the frequent demands of customers and consistent authenticity required to meet such demands. The design and input of world-famous hair specialists along with root level sourcing from India, is our USP as a company. We strive for everyone's needs. So go ahead and purchase any of products and you're assured a 100% satisfaction with 100% organic hair.

Permanent or Temporary hair extensions; which one should I select?

People usually get tangled between the two, but we suggest you focus on what's more salutary for you. If you are willing to incur installation charges and want a consistent hair without constant changes, then our permanent hair extensions have to be your pick. They include fitting cost along with an adjustment setting that happens every 3 months depending on the hair growth. We also have observed that many customers go for temporary virgin hair extensions, because they want to look elegant yet different on certain occasions. For such events, you must opt for our temporary extensions.