Our Process


We solely engage in direct procurement of organic hair from channels like South Indian temples, where hair are donated in the largest volume, across the globe. We ensure that right at source, the best quality of available hair is segregated and carefully bundled ensuring that the hair are cuticle aligned. Focus is to procure the hair from those lots where the donor women have only used natural oils/products like coconut oil while grooming their hair. This ads to our unmatched quality of products. Try them !

Quality Control

Since the existing Hair industry market does not focus on quality control, HairOriginals key focus is to ensure that the customer receives the best possible products consistently. For this, we have a 3-layered quality control process: The 1st layer of quality check is right at the time of procurement to ensure that the proper segregation of the best hair with head-tail alignment is done. The second layer of quality control is done once the material reaches the factory and further visual checks are performed. The last added layer of quality check is to further check every product before dispatch.